No. 977/18, Kandy Road, Bulugaha Junction,
Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

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Our Vision

A country protected from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation

Our Mission

Protection of the general public, the radiation workers, patients and the environment from potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation by implementing an effective and efficient regulatory regime.

Powers of the Regulatory Council

  • Take measures for the prevention of nuclear or radiological emergencies
  • Co-operate with local and international organizations
  • Provide trainings for the staff of the Council and any other relevant person or body of persons
  • To fulfill the obligations of Sri Lanka for the international treaties, conventions, relevant protocols and agreements signed
  • Inspect, review and assess practices and facilities
  • Issue directives relating to corrective measures if unsafe or potentially unsafe conditions are detected at any location
  • Grant approval to institutes or individuals involved in issuing certification on radiation measurement and calibration of radiation measuring equipment
  • Conduct public awareness programmes on safety, security and emergency
  • Take enforcement actions against non-compliance

Key functions of the Regulatory Council

  • Licencing of the practices involving the use of ionizing radiation that meet safety and security requirements.
  • Conducting inspections to ensure compliance with the requirements imposed under the Act and conditions specified in the licences issued.
  • Taking appropriate measures to ensure due compliance with the provisions of the Act and enforcement of noncompliance.
  • Maintenance of a national register containing information on all radiation sources used within Sri Lanka.
  • Promulgation of national policies and strategies on protection against ionizing radiation, on the safety and security of sources and nuclear and other radioactive material and on radioactive waste management.
  • Formulation of regulation, rules, codes and standards relating to radiation protection and the application of ionizing radiation, which reflects best practices enunciated by the International Atomic Energy Agency and any other similar International Organizations.
  • Taking necessary steps to fulfill the obligations of Sri Lanka under the international treaties, conventions, relevant protocols and agreements relating to safety & security of sources to which Sri Lanka is a party.
  • Conducting public awareness programmes in relation to nuclear science and technology and training of radiation workers on radiation safety and security aspects.
  • Supervising radioactive waste management and transport of radioactive materials.
  • Granting approvals for the plans of the buildings for the construction of radiation facilities.
  • Authorization of import/export of radioactive materials