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Division of Licencing, Import & Export Control

Licensing of practices involving Ionizing radiation (all types of radiation facilities and radiation sources) and control of import and export are carried out under the Director (Authorization). Present Director (Authorization) is Mr. T.H. Sunil Shantha who has more than 23 years’ experience in licensing and import and export control of radiation sources. Licensing of Medical application is carried out by Mr. Sumith Kolombage, Deputy Director (Authorization-Medical Applications) who has more than 17 years’ experience in licensing of medical applications and Licensing of Industrial Applications and Import and export control is carried out by Ms. Chamini Herath, Deputy Director (Authorization-Industrial Applications, Import and Export) who has more than 09 years' experience

Authorization and licensing of medical, industrial and research applications of radiation and radioisotopes The following practices and devices are licenced.

  • Radiotherapy (Tele-therapy, brachytherapy and linear accelerators)
  • Nuclear Medicine (Therapy, in-vivo, and in-vitro diagnosis)
  • Medical radiography (General and interventional)
  • Industrial Irradiation Plants (Sterilization of medical products and food irradiation)
  • Gamma irradiation chambers (Research, blood irradiation)
  • Industrial radiography (Gamma and X-rays)
  • Neutron generators, nucleonic gauges, well logging sources and lightening arrestors.
  • Analytical x- ray equipment, analytical equipment containing radioactive sources and cabinet x-ray units
  • Sealed and unsealed radioactive sources
  • Import and export of irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials
  • Transportation of radioactive materials
  • Servicing and maintenance of irradiating equipment and equipment containing radioactive sources
  • Radioactive Waste management and storage
  • Disposal and discharge of radioactive sources
  • Sale of radioactive sources and Irradiating apparatus