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Licencing and Approvals

Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council (Council) as the regulatory authority in Sri Lanka is responsible as per Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Act No.40 of 2014 (Act) to regulate uses of ionizing radiation sources and practices in Sri Lanka. Regulation of sources and practices is done through the process of authorization which include licensing and approvals. Approvals are given for facility plans and import & export of radioactive sources and irradiating apparatus (X-ray machines, linear accelerators etc.). To use radiation in all other activities a licence from the Council is required. As per the Act, regulatory activities of the Council are limited to non-power applications in medicine, industry, teaching and agriculture using radioactive material and nuclear material. Provision is not given for regulate construction and operation of a nuclear power plant.

Wide range of radiation sources, generators, and associated equipment are used in Medical, Industrial, agriculture and research fields giving enormous benefits to Sri Lankan population. The potential hazard in these applications are different as amount of radioactive material used in these applications have vast differences and therefore imposing regulatory requirements, these differences are considered to provide safety of people and security of sources based on the risk associated with the sources.

The Council’s process for issuing a licence is as follows. The applicants who have intention to commence a practice should act as follows.

  1. Send a duly filled “Notification of intention to conduct a practice form” using the form available in the Gazette No. 1924/27 dated 21st July, 2015 (available in the Download section)

  2. Submit a duly filed application to obtain an approval to the facility plan (Forms are available in the Download section)

  3. Submit a licence application for obtaining a licence to use the sources (Relevant application forms are available in the Download section)

If any radioactive sources or X-ray machines are required to be imported or exported, an approval should be obtained from the Council (Relevant application forms are available in the Download section)

The Licence for any new facility and sources are given only after an inspection and facility is conform to the radiation protection requirements of the Council. Renewal licences are issued pending an inspection during the period of the licence.

Licencing periods for different practices are as follows

Practice Source Type Maximum period of validity of the licence
Radiotherapy using ionizing radiation Tele-Gamma facility/Gamma knife facility/Brachytherapy facility 01 year
Linear Accelerator facility/Tomotherapy facility/ X-ray Facility/ Therapy simulators and a similar facility 02 years
Sterilization and food preservation, blood and tissue irradiation using ionizing radiation Dry storage or Pool type Irradiation facility 01 year
Gamma irradiation chamber/Electron beam accelerator/X-ray machine 02 years
Industrial radiography using ionizing radiation Gamma /neutron and beta radiography source/X-ray machine 01 year
Applications in Nuclear Medicine Therapy using unsealed sources 01 year
Diagnosis using unsealed sources for in vitro or in vivo 02 years
Medical radiography using ionizing radiation Interventional radiological X-ray unit/ Angiography X-ray unit / CT scanner/ Mammography/ General radiography 02 years
Dental X-ray machine/ Veterinary X-ray machine/ Bone density scanner 03 years
Applications of ionizing radiation in industry, research and education Particle accelerators/ neutron generators/ nucleonic gauge /well logging source/ lightening arresting device 02 years
Analytical X-ray equipment/ An analytical equipment containing radioactive sources 03 years
Cabinet X-ray unit 03 years
Sealed and unsealed sources: Total activity less than 37 Giga Becquerel (1 Curie) 03 years
Sealed and unsealed sources: Total activity more than 37 Giga Becquerel (1 Curie) 02 years
Unsealed sources in tracer application 03 months
Commercial production of radioactive material of radiation generating equipment Radioisotope production facility/ cyclotron facility 01 year
An X-ray unit/ linear accelerator/ nucleonic gauge 02 years
Transport of Radioactive sources All sources 01 year
Service and maintenance of sources All sources 02 years
Radioactive waste management and/or storage All sources including nuclear and fissionable materials 01 year
Disposal and discharge of radioactive sources All sources 01 year
Sale of radioactive sources and Irradiating apparatus All sources 01 year
Applications using ionizing radiation which do not come under above practices Aggregate radioactivity of sources less than Giga Becquerel 370 (10 Curie) 02 years
Aggregate radioactivity of sources more than Giga Becquerel 370 (10 Curie) 01 year
Irradiating apparatus 02 years