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Nuclear or Radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response

Sri Lanka does not have nuclear power plants in its territory. Closest nuclear power plant is located about 220 km from the northern part of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka uses high activity sources in industry and medicine Even though there is a very remote possibility for a nuclear or radiological emergency as all the sources used in Sri Lanka are effectively control by the regulations established by the Council, preparedness for any type of emergency is important for effective mitigation of consequences if such an accident occurs. Since closest power plant located in Kudankulam, is 220 km away from Sri Lanka, even if a severe accident had occurred in that power plant, Sri Lanka would not have significant effect as only possibility due to such an accident is slight contamination of some areas of the country.

The Council is empowered by the Act under section 58 to establish nuclear or radiological emergency management plans and to make arrangements to coordinate with other stakeholders for preparedness for nuclear or radiological emergencies.

The Council has drafted the Nuclear or Radiological Emergency Management Plan (Emergency Management Plan) and submitted to the Government for approval. The Emergency management plan has identified possible emergencies that could occur in Sri Lanka and emergencies of other countries that may affect Sri Lanka and emergency management and preparedness plans for such identified emergencies are described in this plan. The Council conducts periodic training courses and drills for stakeholders on emergency preparedness and planning.

The Council has been appointed by the section 59 of the Act to serve as the point of contact for providing any information or assistance regarding nuclear or radiological emergencies in terms of any relevant international instrument, including the Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident and the Convention on Assistance in the case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency.

In case of Nuclear or radiological emergency, the following persons can be contacted

Emergency Contact Point Mr. H.L. Anil Ranjith (Director General/SLAERC)
Direct Contact Number +94 11 2987858
Mobile Number +94 71 8111650
Emergency Coordinator Mr. K.K.P.I.K. Kadadunna (Deputy Director/SLAERC)
Direct Contact Number +94 11 2987858
Mobile Number +94 71 8330846