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Workshop for STF First Responders on Radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response held at Sri Lanka Police (STF) Training School, Katukurunda on 6th to 8th March 2019

At the invitation of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and radiological) unit of Sri Lanka Police (STF), Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council conducted a workshop on nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness and response for officers of CBRN unit at Sri Lanka Police (STF), Katukurunda on 6th to 8th March 2019. Workshop included lectures and field exercises in radiological incident response.

The lectures were conducted by Mr. K.K.P.I.K. Kadadunna, Deputy Director/National emergency Coordinator and Mr. K.S.S. Kumara, Deputy Director who has vast experience on emergency response procedures and first responder duties. Mr. H.J. Premakumara, Scientific Officer conducted demonstration of use of the radiation survey instruments. Mr. W.M.D.M. Piyarathna, Scientific officer assisted to conduct field exercises. Participants were very interactive and participated in discussion actively.

A field exercise was based on “Simulation of Source recovery in an emergency situation” and “Response to radiological accident situation” All participants were attended for the above two exercises while Council instructors provided the guidance to perform the exercises. It was a very successful session for all the participants as it was able to obtain experience on real time scenario.

At the end of the program a discussion was held to discuss the outcome of the training