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National Training Course for “First Responders and Team Members responsible for Implementation of Emergency Management Plan”, 20th – 22nd November, 2019

National training course for “First Responders and Team Members responsible for Implementation of Emergency Management Plan” was held on 20th – 22nd November 2019 at Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council (Council). The purpose of this training is to provide the participants, with information of emergency preparedness and response during radiological or nuclear emergency, on how the Council coordinate with first responders and stakeholders during radiological emergency as a national warning point, national competent authority and assessment of the capabilities of first responders. 42 participants from following institutes were attended for the training.

  • Sri Lanka Police
  • Sri Lanka Army
  • Sri Lanka Navy
  • Sri Lanka Air force
  • Municipal Fire Department
  • Sri Lanka Coast Guard
  • Ministry of Health
  • Sri Lanka Gamma Centre
  • Ansell Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
  • Apeksha Hospital
  • Provincial General Hospital, Badulla
  • Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya
  • Teaching Hospital, Kandy
  • Base Hospital, Tellippalai
  • Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura
  • Horticultural Crop Research and Development Authority
  • Sri Lanka Human Tissue Bank
  • Asiri Surgical Hospital
  • Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board
  • University of Colombo, Department of Nuclear Science

Mr.Anil Ranjith, Director General (DG) of the Council was attended the inauguration session and delivered opening remarks giving importance of having this type of training programme to implement the EMP's

Most of the lectures were conducted by qualified officers of the Council, Dr. Novil Wijesekara (Ministry of Health), Mr. Prasad Mahakumara, Director (Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board) and Wing Commander Nilendra Perera (Sri Lanka Airforce) also conducted lectures in different areas of EPR. Fruitful discussions were held among the stakeholders regarding the Emergency Management Plan. Further, table top exercise was held during the training course. The areas covered in the emergency preparedness and response are as follows

  • Nuclear and Radiological Accidents
  • Introduction of Emergency Response Plan, Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders
  • Emergency Monitoring
  • Protective Actions and Doses applicable in Emergencies
  • Training and Exercises
  • Medical Response during Radiation Emergencies
  • First Responder Actions
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment and Radiation Measuring Equipment
  • Table top exercise on Response during Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

The important part of this training was the Table Top Exercise. Exercise was designed with dirty bomb scenario and developed with player and controller guides. Mr. Prageeth Kadadunna, NEC has lead the controller team with Scientific Officers of the Council and followed IAEA standard table top exercise guidances. Participants obtained fruitful experiences during the table top exercise.