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“National Training Course on Safe and Secure use of Radiation Sources in Industry and Research", 24 - 28 August 2020

National training course on safe and secure use of radiation sources in industry and research was held on 24th – 28th August 2020 at Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council (Council).

The training course was provided knowledge on safety and security aspects in industrial and research users.

The purpose of this training course was to provide participants with,

  • Better understanding of regulatory requirements
  • Better understanding of the philosophy and principles of radiation protection
  • Creating awareness on the biological effects and risk of Ionizing radiation
  • Learning the correct procedures of radiation protection when dealing with ionizing radiation sources
  • Acquiring the techniques and proper procedures in controlling the radiation exposure of public & the workers
  • Learning emergency response procedures for radiological emergencies
  • Better understanding of the nuclear security principles and method for securing high activity radioactive sources during use and transport

All licence holders in Industrial and research field were invited to nominate suitably qualified persons to attend the above training course. 50 participants were attended during the training course. Lectures and exercises were conducted by the Council officers.