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Training programme for Naval Officers of Gunnery Specialization Course at Naval & Maritime Academy, Trincomalee on 07-09 February 2022

At the invitation of SL Navy training department, the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council (Council) conducted a 03-day training programme for above officers under the Gunnery Specialization Course no 02 at Naval & Maritime Academy, Trincomalee on 07- 09 February 2022. Training programme included lectures, table top and field exercises.

The lectures were conducted by Mr. K.K.P.I.K. Kadadunna (Deputy Director/National emergency Coordinator), Ms. K.G.K.U. Gamage (Scientific Officer) and Mr. W.M.D.M. Piyarathna (Scientific Officer) and the areas covered in the programme are as follows,

  • Basic Radiation Physics
  • National and International legislation governing the use of radiation and Units and quantities of radiation protection
  • Basic radiation protection techniques
  • Introduction to weapons of mass destruction
  • Radiological Accidents and need for Emergency Response and preparedness
  • Radiation Measurements and Monitoring
  • Emergency Management
  • Protective actions and other response actions during a radiological emergency
  • Introduction to Emergency training and exercises

Practical sessions of the training programme were based on following areas,

  • Demonstration of “Inverse square law”
  • Table top exercise based on “Response to radiological accident situation”
  • Field exercise based on “Simulation of Source recovery in an emergency situation”
It was a very successful session for all the participants as it was possible for them to obtain experience on real time scenarios. At the end of the program a discussion was held to discuss the outcome of the training.