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Medical New Applications

Application for Licence of Nuclear Medicine Facilities Using Unsealed Sources for Therapy
Application for Licence of Nuclear Medicine Facilities for Using Unsealed Sources for in Vitro or in Vivo Diagnosis
Application for Licence of General X-ray Machines/ Interventional X-ray Machines and Angiography X-ray Machines/ CT scanners/ Mammography X-ray Machines
Application for Licence of Dental X-ray Machines/ Bone Density Scanners
Application for Licence of Veterinary X-ray Machines
Application for licencing for a Radiotherapy Facility Using Ionizing Radiation (Tele-Gamma Facility/Gamma Knife Facility/ Brachytherapy Facility)
Application for licencing of a Radiotherapy facility Using Ionizing Radiation(Linear Accelerator Facility/Tomotheraphy Facility/ Superficial X-ray Facility/Therapy Simulators)